Shiatsu At The Waterfront - Shiatsu Massage - Cape Town
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Shiatsu at the Table Bay Mall

relax, rejuvenate and breathe

Shiatsu at the West coast is a small wellness business offering Shiatsu and reflexology. We are conveniently located in the Table Bay Mall. A new platform called Creative Cube has been created where 19 crafters are showcasing their craft.We aim to add value to the lives of residents and visitors from local vicinities by pressure point and reflex point therapy. Both shiatsu and reflexology are excellent treatments and beneficial to deal with daily demands of our stressful lifestyle. The sessions are non-invasive, recipient remain fully clothed during the treatment and no oils, needles, stones or fragrances are used. It’s normally a Half an hour session. Shiatsu Massage is a pressure point therapy, working on the energy lines known as meridians. Shiatsu stimulates the pressure points in the body and it releases muscular tension, stiffness and blockages. Shiatsu promotes circulation and energy through the pressure points and re-aligns the body through stretches. Our craft is therapy.  For best and personal experience, give us a try.

shiatsu massage pricing

Head, Neck, Back Massage - Shiatsu Massage
  • Head, Neck, Back & Shoulders

  • Time: 30 mins
Back Massage - Shiatsu at Table Bay
  • Back & Legs

  • Time: 45 mins
Full Body Massage - Shiatsu at Table Bay
  • Full Body

  • Time: 60 mins