Shiatsu At The Waterfront - Shiatsu Massage - Cape Town
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Shiatsu Massage

relax, rejuvenate and breathe

Shiatsu Massage is a pressure point therapy, working on the energy lines known as meridians. Shiatsu stimulates the pressure points in the body and it releases muscular tension, stiffness and blockages. Shiatsu promotes circulation and energy through the pressure points and re-aligns the body through stretches. Shiatsu produces excellent result in relieving acute headaches, stiff necks, sore shoulders, blocked sinuses and colds. Shiatsu further aids in relieving chronic conditions such as lower back pain, insomnia, depression, and poor circulation and strain injuries. The treatment is carried out whilst the client remains fully clothed.

shiatsu massage pricing

Shiatsu At The Waterfront, Cape Town, Reflexology
  • Head, Neck, Back & Shoulders

  • Time: 30 mins
Shiatsu At The Waterfront, Cape Town, Reflexology
  • Back & Legs

  • Time: 45 mins
Shiatsu At The Waterfront, Cape Town, Reflexology
  • Full Body

  • Time: 60 mins